Feel like helping? To keep Rapping.Reviews going there are a few ways you can contribute.

Writing IMDb reviews

This helps to create awesome new lyrics!

Update TMDb data

The Movie Database (TMDb) is a very useful database with Movie and TV Series. You can make it even better! Have you noticed that Rapping.Reviews is showing an incorrect movie trailer? You can fix that yourself 🙂 go to TMDb and update the trailer information.

Donate money

A project like Rapping.Reviews costs money to develop and maintain. Licensing costs, domain registration, webhosting etc. This project also depends on a lot of other projects. Donations will be used to maintain and improve Rapping.Reviews, give back to other projects and develop new projects. You can donate money by clicking the Flattr buttons or via PayPal.

Donate Beats

A variety of epic beats make the rap battles come alive! To keep the battles interesting in the future it’s important to expand the number of beats. Want to donate a beat to the project?

For questions you can contact me at my blog.